Mosquito Vision

The mosquito vision application was created to provide five-day forecasts for mosquito nuisance every day during the evening (20:30-22:30) and at night (22:30-) at a settlement level.

Figure 43. Screenshots from the Mosquito vision application showing a) the initial menu, b) information tab for mosquito control and personal protection, c) the tab for information to users about sanitation of potential mosquito breeding sites in private premises, c) description of the application, d) information about the application, the artificial models used for the predictions and e) information about the calibration process for the application and the raw data used for its construction.

Figure 44. Screenshots from the Mosquito vision application showing a) the global map with evening nuisance in Central Macedonia as predicted for 31/07/2020, b) the symbology of the icons (dark green = zero nuisance, light green = low nuisance, yellow = medium nuisance, orange = high nuisance and red = very high nuisance), c) the predicted evening nuisance (mainly caused by Aedes caspius) for 02/08/2020 and d) the predicted nuisance during night (mainly caused by Culex pipiens) for the same day. Each point represents an individual village and points with numbers in it represent a cluster of villages with the same nuisance level.

The Mosquito Vision application is based on the BAD model and was calibrated from its launching on the 1st of July 2020 until the first week of October by comparing the results of the predicted mosquito abundances with the felt nuisance of 47 peers in 44 residential areas in Central Macedonia by means of a structured questionnaire filled in through Google forms containing personal information about the respondent and the place of evaluation.

See also an article in the digital newspaper 06/07/2020 about the launching of the Mosquito Vision application for Central Macedonia