Connect major European actors in virus detection (BNITM, AUTH) and mosquito surveillance and control (GFS/IfD, Ecodev) from Germany and Greece

Reanalyze the epidemiological data from the severe West Nile virus (WNV) epidemic in Northern Greece since 2010 and the Usutu virus (USUV) outbreaks in Germany since 2011 so as to prepare accordingly Germany and Greece against WNV, USUV and other thermophiles arboviruses.

Identify high risk areas and critical time intervals for WNV and USUV circulation following modeling from entomological data (BNITM, GFS/IfD, Ecodev) and epidemiological data (BNITM, AUTH) already produced by the partners during the last years and others to be further developed for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Provide good practices, innovative tools and methods for the control of container-breeding mosquitoes in urban settings, with special consideration of Culex pipiens and Aedes albopictus, which are the major European vectors for existing (USUV in Germany and WNV in Greece) and/or threatening (WNV for Germany, dengue, Chikungunya and Zika for both countries) mosquito-borne diseases.

Produce, update and make available this information to concerned Public Health Institutions and/or other bodies of both countries, a functional webGIS, in which the users will have the possibility to view, explore, query, and display the periodical risk maps of the Early Warning System for mosquito-borne diseases.

Work Packages

The present proposal is a synergetic work of four institutions and their collaborators who are experts in the field of vector surveillance and control, pathogen detection and environmental modelling. The proposal is divided into seven Work Packages (WP) which contain 21 different tasks (see Gantt diagram) and 41 deliverables (D.1.1-D.21.3).

A/A WPs A/A Tasks
1 Project management 1 Financial management
2 Scientific coordination
3 Partner meetings
2 Literature Review / Risk analysis 4 Literature review
5 Historical data collection
6 Web - GIS
7 Experimental design
3 Field data collection 8 Mosquito adult collections
9 Sentinel blood samples
4 Pathogen detection 10 Laboratory work
5 Early warning system 11 Thematic maps
12 Early Warning System
6 Pilot Study - Vector 13 Field work
control 14 Best Practices handbook
7 Commercialization - 15 Web - GIS
Dissemination 16 Publications
17 Feasibility study
18 Communication, Networking & Public Relations
8 Experimental design 19 Experimental design
20 Hydrometeorological data collection
9 Risk analysis 21 Historical data model (static)
22 Actual data model (dynamic)
gantt diagram